Measures for Improving Reliability of the Machining Center


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Improving reliability of the machining center (MC) has great significance for raising the manufacturing level of machine building industry and enhancing the international competitiveness of products. Based on the current situation of researches on the reliability of machining center, this paper presents a systematic discussion of MC from the perspectives of the reliability design, the test and assessment and reliability management respectively, aiming to improving reliability of the MC. Relevant methods and approaches, which form a theoretical system of reliability researches on the MC and serve as a scientific and systematic reference basis for them, are proposed. The study of it has an active meaning to raising the level of researches on the reliability of MC.



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Shengyi Li, Yingchun Liu, Rongbo Zhu, Hongguang Li, Wensi Ding




X. P. Zhang et al., "Measures for Improving Reliability of the Machining Center", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 34-35, pp. 527-532, 2010

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October 2010




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