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Authors: Min Zheng Jiang, Yu Xin Dai, Guang Ling Zhou, Yan Peng Cao
Abstract:Based on the rolling restoration ,the fiber-base body mechanics model is established using casing pipe as hollow fiber, cement loop and...
Authors: Shu Xia Sun, Ming Yan, Ping Bai, Li Han
Abstract:The paper studies on the gear reliability design method using probability finite element method based on response surface and it indicates...
Authors: Bin Meng, Hai Wei Wu, Guan Jun Bao, Qing Hua Yang
Abstract:The traditional optimization method for cold extrusion forming needs to perform finite element analysis repeatedly and therefore has to...
Authors: Yi Ping Chen, Wen He, Fu Qiang Zhu
Abstract:The junction line entering is the common flaw that has often arisen in the resistance welding, especially within the resistance seam welding...
Authors: Wen Hui Mo
Abstract:In this paper, material properties, geometry parameters and applied loads are assumed to be stochastic, sensitivity computation of structural...
Authors: Zhi Guo Gao
Abstract:In order to better understand heat transfer and fluid flow pattern in the weld pool of laser-metal inert gas (MIG) hybrid welding...
Authors: Ying Ze Wang
Abstract:This paper is concerned with an analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the high performance launcher—rarefaction wave gun(RAVEN) by...
Authors: Shao Bo Yang, Jun Fu Zhang, Jin Ge Wang, Xing Qiao Deng
Abstract:Performance of gearbox drive system has a great impact on the working life of the whole drive mechanism, especially in wind power generation...
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