Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qin Qin Liu, Zhong Fan Xiang, Jin Ge Wang, Jiang Wu

Abstract: In order to solve the transmission error from the backlash in precision gear transmission, this paper proposes a mechanism which uses slider...

Authors: Wen Hui Mo

Abstract: In this paper, material properties, geometry parameters and applied loads are assumed to be stochastic, the vibration equation of a system...

Authors: Qi Shen Wang, Yang Wang, Li Hua Zhang

Abstract: Using the second-order center difference scheme, the difference discrete model of axial symmetry vibration of a circular plate with...

Authors: Qing Song Wang, Xue Liang Yuan, Da Yong Cao, Chun Yuan Ma, Kai Zhang

Abstract: Green manufacturing is the important manufacturing pattern to achieve sustainable development. The core is to reduce the damage on the...

Authors: Yin Zhang Guo, Jian Chao Zeng

Abstract: Complex manufacture collaborative design process is a dynamic process with uncertainty, which is a process with multi-task executing in a...

Authors: Rui Quan, Shu Hai Quan, Liang Huang

Abstract: Proton exchange membrane fuel cell(PEMFC) technology has been greatly promoted in recent years, but the fault diagnosis and predictive...

Authors: Xiang An Yang, Feng Ruan

Abstract: Nature of springback in sheet metal forming was analysed in the study, two stress-based objective functions were established to evaluate...

Authors: De Sheng Zhang, Ji Yun Zhao, Zhan Xu, Zhen Xing Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of stress analysis of blade wheels, one way Fluid- Structure Interaction method was introduced based on the...

Authors: Li Bo Cao, Chong Zhen Cui, Ning Yu Zhu, Huan Chen

Abstract: In this article, seven frontal impact simulation models with same restraint system and different human body models were established through...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wu, Wei Yi Chen

Abstract: Based on the physiological structure of osteon, a single fluid-filled osteon model under only time-dependent axial loading is modeled for...


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