Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Li, Zhe He Yao, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: Chatter often occurs during precision hole boring, it results in low quality of finished surface and even damages the cutting tool. In order...

Authors: En Ming Miao, Xin Wang, Peng Cheng Niu, Ye Tai Fei

Abstract: This paper analyzed accuracy calibrating methods of multi-batch experiment data with system errors which can not be removed and gave the...

Authors: Jun Fu Zhang

Abstract: Normally, the kinematic reliability of the path mechanism is the probability of the coordinate components error of position vector of couple...

Authors: Xiang Hui Zhang, Gui Hua Li

Abstract: The design of ultrasonic transducer is used to achieve the desired value of terminal vibration amplitude. However, in many practical...

Authors: Cheng Bing He, Cheng Xing, Jian Shen

Abstract: In order to solve nonlinear system torsion response of turbo-generator unit, an increment transfer matrix method based on step-by-step...

Authors: Yi Min Shao, Liang Hua Wan

Abstract: The present study investigates the dynamic response of single-cylinder reciprocating engines. In particular, simplified models of the...

Authors: Yi Min Shao, Rom Li Simon, Bira Hima Gueye

Abstract: In this paper we develope and analyse a 3D model of horse’s musculo-skeletal system as a bionic inspiration which can lead to the design of...

Authors: An Wu, Wen Lei Sun, Ping Ping Wang

Abstract: The system produces strenuous vibration when the wind turbine is operating, it will be a great impact on running precision and components’...

Authors: Bin He, Xiao Lin He, Li Zhi Han, Jin Tao Cao, Ming Li, Ying Zhong Tian

Abstract: Robot working space is an important kinematic indicator. After the modular service robot arm was introduced, DH coordinate system was used...

Authors: Wang Dong Wei

Abstract: The home monitoring system designed in this paper used the combination of a home gateway controller and the ZigBee coordinator, the...


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