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Authors: Kai Jian Liang, Lin Feng Bai, Xi Long Qu
Abstract: From the perspective of selecting service by QoS attributes, a computation method of QoS expectation value, which is based on Algorithm Prim, was presented to provide support for selection of service. On the basis of the ability of service providers, by Algorithm Prim, this method succeded in calculating a set of balanced expectation values of QoS. Selection of service based on these QoS values would be beneficial to optimization of system resources and protection of the users of those services. An example with analysis has been provided to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the method.
Authors: Hai Jiang Wu, Fei Ying Yang
Abstract: This work aims at developing a new environmental-friendly treatment for hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel as alternative to the classic systems based on chromates. A double layer film on the HDG steel sheets was prepared by immersing the sheets in 5 g/L Ce(NO3)3 aqueous solution and 5 vol.% silane solution in turn. The morphology of the cerium conversion film was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The corrosion resistance of the films was investigated by linear polarization (LPR) and natural salt spray (NSS) tests. The results show that the surface morphology of cerium conversion film appears on a “dry-mud” structure, which is favorable to enhance the combined strength between the cerium conversion and the silane film. The corrosion protection efficiency of the double layer films increases greatly, especially both the anodic and cathodic processes of zinc corrosion on the samples are suppressed conspicuously, and the synergistic protection effect of the single cerium film and the single silane film is evident.

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