Analysis of HZD Series Single-Phase Transformer Inrush Current Suppression Method


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Transformer inrush current generated has been plagued by engineering and technical personnel, is also a hot topic in the industry. Electro slag furnace is a common metallurgical industry furnace, used in the metal crystal more closely requirements, performance requirements and a variety of high quality roll alloys, high temperature alloys, nonferrous alloys. Electro slag furnace transformer is the core component, have a great no-load closing inrush current protection trip often makes itself affect the product quality and production efficiency or to expand on a power trip protection range. In order to suppress inrush current, with the primary winding series resistance speed-load closing the attenuation of inrush current, inrush current generated from the theoretical reasons to be discussed and a simple series resistance deduce the resistance of this method. Theoretical basis for comparison with other methods are not subject to a number of objective factors sufficient interference, the results demonstrate the practical application of this method is simple and inrush current suppression effect is very significant. Thus, the series resistance ESR furnace transformer inrush current suppression is a method of high cost.



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W.Y. Fan




G. F. Sun, "Analysis of HZD Series Single-Phase Transformer Inrush Current Suppression Method", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 341-342, pp. 1412-1417, 2013

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July 2013





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