Analysis of Bearing Capacity of New-Type Formwork Support Frame


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Various new type scaffolds have been introduced and developed in China. They are novel in structure and economic in material, but their security and reliability can not be ignored. This paper introduced a new chained formwork support frame with nine upright tubes and many cross-braced connections. Firstly, the load test of the support frame was performed in order to observe the failure process and to determine the ultimate bearing capacity. Then, the strength and stability of both single upright tube and a cross-braced rod were checked according to the existing specifications on scaffolds. Finally, a finite element software ANSYS was used to establish a solid model for the support frame. The structural stability was analyzed and the ultimate bearing capacity was calculated. The comparison between the computational and experiment results was carried out. The results show that the ultimate bearing capacity of the new chained formwork support frame is controlled by the structural stability.



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W.Y. Fan




Q. D. Zeng and F. Liu, "Analysis of Bearing Capacity of New-Type Formwork Support Frame", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 341-342, pp. 1449-1452, 2013

Online since:

July 2013




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