Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering III

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Authors: Chun Yu Ren
Abstract: This paper studies multi-vehicle and multi-cargo loading problem under the limited mechanical bearing capacity. Tabu search algorithm is an algorithm based on neighborhood search. According to the features of the problem, the essay centered the construct initial solution to construct neighborhood structure. Firstly, for the operation, 1-move and 2-opt were applied. Secondly, through utilizing Boltzmann mechanism of simulated annealing algorithm, it can also fasten the speed of convergence, and boost the search efficiency. Finally, the good performance of this algorithm can be proved by experiment calculation and the mechanical engineering examples.
Authors: Xu Sheng Gan, Jing Shun Duanmu, Jian Guo Gao
Abstract: Accessibility is an important criterion that reflects the quality of aviation equipment maintenance, especially prominent to maintenance time. To obtain the better accessibility for maintenance efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, it is necessary to choose an optimal scheme in many accessibility designs. This requires the comprehensive appraisement for the parts accessibility of the entire functional system. This paper introduces the correlation analysis method to appraise the accessibility, and propose the mathematical model of the appraisement, which has practical application value to improve the maintenance of aviation equipment.
Authors: Qun Ming Li, Xiao Xu
Abstract: Mechanical dynamics and mechanical kinematics analysis of the loop deformation are researched. Because of the complex mechanical dynamics relationship between capillary trajectory and loop profile, its difficult to study the process of wirebonding. Lo has proposed a linkage-spring model to simulate the process. This paper simulated the loop profile through linkage-spring model, and validated it by experiments. After that, the Taguchi method has been developed to characterize the various looping parameters. The studies show that the kink height has a strong influence on the loop height and the sagging height, the wire length is a critical factor to the deformation of the wire near the first bond.
Authors: Ting Jie Yan
Abstract: This article presents the research and development of all electric vehicle (EV) in Department of HumanRobotics Saitama Institute of Technology, Japan .Electric mobile systems developed in our laboratory include a converted electric automobile,electric wheelchair and personal mobile robot.These mobile system s contribute to realize clean transportation since energy sources an d devices from all vehicles,i.e.,batteries and electric motors,does not deteriorate the environment.To drive motors for vehicle traveling,robotic technologies were applied.
Authors: Hai Xing Lou, Wei Yao
Abstract: in order to study the mechanical properties of super capacitor in energy feedback of electric vehicle battery, a battery test platform has been developed. Through the platform, we designed and completed the experiment of absorption capacity of the impact current and the effect to energy recovery of super capacitor. The results indicate that the super capacitor makes the battery have longer buffer time from discharging to charging, greatly reducing the damage to the battery. Besides, with the help of super capacitor, it saves large energy in the start-stop cycle of the motor and the savings increases with the decreasing of the start-stop cycle. The mechanical properties make super capacitor have more applications in the field of electric vehicle.
Authors: Chang Fa Wang, Feng Lan Wang
Abstract: The design for traditional gantry planer aims at its empty stroke and low work efficiency of the two fatal flaws in this paper. We adopted the structure innovation by mechanical design and designed the gantry planer bidirectional shaping turret. And the device is simple in structure and easy in manufacture. These make improved gantry planer remove empty stroke and change one-way shaping into two-way shaping. Thus the improved gantry planer can depress energy cost consumedly and improve production efficiency. This will broaden its market greatly in the machining industry.
Authors: Cong Yu, Wei Yao
Abstract: Testing the parameters such as state of charge (SOC), temperature and current of power battery under different running status is very important to adjust control parameters of system in time. A battery test system based on LabVIEW is designed. USBCAN-II produced by ZLG is used to bear the communication tasks of CAN bus. Two AC motors and inverters are used as energy converters and they are mechanical parts of the system. Inverters communicate with PC software via 485 bus. The PC software based on LabVIEW is used to display, store and analysis the error of the data received. After a detailed test, it is shown that the system has the advantages of accurate and rapid detection, reliable operation and outstanding scalability.
Authors: Wei Yan, Wei Yao
Abstract: Considering the bad electromagnetic environment of electric vehicle, a stable communication system is necessary. Because of its unique stability, CAN bus has been widely used in the field of automotive electronics. CANopen is a higher layer protocol of CAN bus, it has the advantages of conciseness and open-source. In this passage, based on sub-protocol DS301 and DS402, the implement of CANopen in motion control is introduced. The establishment of object dictionary and motor application object is the main content in this article.
Authors: Yu Xuan Zheng
Abstract: Gas pressure plays an important role in the economic efficiency and stability of the operation of gas-fired boiler. However, because of the inherent characteristic of gas booster which is introduced to regulate the pressure of gas, there is surge happened in gas booster, resulting in deviation of gas pressure from set value, even damage to device. To settle the problem of surge, an anti-surge control is designed based on the characteristic curves of gas booster. And the control strategy is applied in a thermal power plant with gas-fired boiler. The practical operating result shows the effect of the proposed method.

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