Analysis of Low Frequency Oscillation in Power System


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Around the type of power system of the low frequency oscillation, the mechanism of production, the analysis methods, the analysis tools and suppression method, etc, it summarized the research status of low frequency oscillation of power system. Therefore, based on this research status, the future analysis methods and developmental trend of the low frequency oscillation of power system were discussed.In the power system, the angle of attack among generators, the voltage on the nodal points and the tidal current of junctor and so on had the constant-amplitude or the increased range vibrates, and the oscillation frequency (generally is 0.2~2.5 Hz) is lower than the system frequency. This oscillation form is called the low frequency oscillation[1]. Then the frequency of the low frequency oscillation is low, cycle to be longer,and affected area to be wide, it is also big harm to the power system. Therefore, at present, studying low frequency vibration has the even more important meaning[2].



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J. Z. Ma




X. R. Chu, "Analysis of Low Frequency Oscillation in Power System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 347-350, pp. 1818-1823, 2013

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August 2013





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