Extraction of Building Facades in Urban Space and Texture Mapping to 3D Polygon Map by Using In-Vehicle Camera


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Due to the wide diffusion of 3D maps, supporting tool for constructing the 3D maps are required. Individual information necessary for constructing the 3D maps is gathered by some measurement instruments. For example, 3D information and wall textures are acquired by triangulation (or GPS measurement) and optical devices, respectively. Building polygons in a 3D map can be constructed easily by combining the 3D (height) information and a 2D map. It is, however, difficult to obtain an appropriate texture for an arbitrary building polygon by combining those measurements information. In general, the texture mapping with the acquired image is performed manually. However, it takes huge costs to perform in a wide area. Therefore, the demand of the automation is extremely high. In this study, we aim to automatize the texture mapping by image information from the in-vehicle camera. An in-vehicle camera has the advantage that it is possible to take a picture of the building wall while driving over the broad area. But, the vibration and the traffic have influences on the photography environment. As a result, it is difficult to specify the building area in the image. In the proposed method, tracks of the camera are calculated from the acquired continuous image, the building area that corresponds to the polygon on the map is specified. In this paper, we described our observation about the result of a miniature model.



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Yusaku Fuji and Koichi Maru






H. Kawano et al., "Extraction of Building Facades in Urban Space and Texture Mapping to 3D Polygon Map by Using In-Vehicle Camera", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 36, pp. 405-412, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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