Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 36

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Cheng Zhao, Chang You Lu, Qiao Xu, Geng Huang

Abstract: The important parts of a screw compressor are the two rotors. At present, generally use a CMM to check the form and other parameters of the...

Authors: Chuan Jun Liao, Shuang Fu Suo, Wei Feng Huang

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) techniques are put forward to monitor rub-impacts between rotating rings and stationary rings of mechanical seals by...

Authors: Ping Yu Zhu, Hong Yan Zeng, Yuan Bao Leng, Ji Ming Ma

Abstract: In this study we analyze the signal in measurement system with distributed optical fiber sensors. The display signal is defined by the user...

Authors: Yu Chuan Lin, Long Jeng Lee, Shenq Tsong Chang, Yu Cheng Cheng, Ting Ming Huang

Abstract: This article reports an accurate analysis approach of finite element modeling and optical modeling. It has been used for design and analysis...

Authors: Syh Shiuh Yeh, Jin Tsu Sun

Abstract: Static friction generally exists in feed drive servomechanisms and usually affects the motions of CNC machine tools. In this study, the...

Authors: Jing Wang, Te Fang Chen, Cai Lun Huang, Qian Cheng Zhao

Abstract: In condition monitoring of train, because of load change, speed fluctuation and other effect factors, it may cause vibration frequency...

Authors: Kuan Fang He, Ping Yu Zhu, Xue Jun Li, D.M. Xiao

Abstract: Distributed optical fiber sensing technology in the dam safety monitoring has been applied. The most typical application is the Swiss...

Authors: Kuan Fang He, Ji Gang Wu, Xue Jun Li

Abstract: According to the soft-switching pulsed SAW (Submerged arc weld) weld power supply based on the double closed-loop constant current control...

Authors: Guang Hui Li, Gui Ling Jiang, Ping Yu Zhu
Authors: Z.J. Wen, Ping Yu Zhu, X.P. Zhang, H.C. Liu

Abstract: A new state space model of multi-operational machining processes is presented for dimensional variation propagation, transformation and...


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