Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 36

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Li Jiang, Yi Lun Liu, Xue Jun Li, Anhua Chen

Abstract: Performing bispectrum analysis on the actual measured vibration signals of the roller bearing with different failure modes, it developed...

Authors: Bing Li, Qiao Zhou Nan, Bao Shan Shi, Xue Mei Qin

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to analysis on cell morphology of PC (Polycarbonate) foam in different processing parameters. In this study,...

Authors: Yuan Bao Leng, Shou Gang Zhao, Guang He Zheng

Abstract: Due to various reasons, the inherent quality for Weihe River dike remains poor. There are many hidden defects in dikes, such as cracks,...

Authors: Shou Gang Zhao, Jun Xia Zhang, Rui She Qiao

Abstract: In order to supervise the safe operation of the Changma dam, to test design, to validate construction quality and run behavior, to monitor...

Authors: Tin Gyi Zhang, Yuan Bao Leng, Dan Ying Gao

Abstract: Based on the principle of electrical measurement method, the clip gauge was made to measure the crack opening displacement (COD).Through the...

Authors: Rui Wang, Yuan Bao Leng, Chang Zheng Li

Abstract: Sub-bottom profiler is a kind of underwater acoustic imaging equipment. It can scan the sub-water stratums with acoustic signals and...

Authors: Yan Lan, Jun Xia Zhang, Min Zhang, Shou Gang Zhao

Abstract: The soil unsaturated property is one of the main factors happening dike dangers such as craze and hole, even seriously slope collapse in the...

Authors: Xian Feng He, Shou Gang Zhao, Yuan Bao Leng

Abstract: The corrosion of steel will have a bad impact on the safety of reinforced concrete structure. In severe cases, it may even be disastrous. In...

Authors: Xian Feng He, Yuan Bao Leng, Shou Gang Zhao

Abstract: Affected by both of the internal and external factors during work process, the dam monitoring effect variable often generates complex cycles...

Authors: Qing Ming Zhang, Ping Yu Zhu, Shao Li Wang, Yuan Bao Leng

Abstract: Based on briefly introducing the works of BOTDR, article studied on dike strain monitoring by using the distributed optical fiber...


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