Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 36

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hideaki Kawano, Hideaki Orii, Hiroshi Maeda

Abstract: Obtaining visual information is a crucial issue for autonomous robots. Indeed per¬ception of 3D depth information can be achieved by 3D...

Authors: Hideaki Kawano, Hideaki Orii, Hiroto Kuwano, Tohru Irie, Hiroshi Maeda

Abstract: Due to the wide diffusion of 3D maps, supporting tool for constructing the 3D maps are required. Individual information necessary for...

Authors: Hideaki Kawano, Hideaki Orii, Katsuaki Shiraishi, Hiroshi Maeda

Abstract: Autonomous robots are at advanced stage in various fields, and they are expected to autonomously work at the scenes of nursing care or...

Authors: Hossain Shahera, Serikawa Seiichi

Abstract: Perceptions of image surface are very challenging work for computer vision. Human can amazingly expert at recognizing the reflective...

Authors: Hideyasu Sumiya, Takuma Itoh

Abstract: In recent, brain function field analysis attracts concentrated attention, especially on the significant study about BMI (Brain-machine...

Authors: Hideyasu Sumiya, Kazuaki Akagi

Abstract: Vibration suppression control considering elastic part deformation is one of the indispensable issues in the precision engineering field and...

Authors: Hiroyuki Ukida, Yasuyuki Yamanaka, Masahiro Inoue, Masayuki Kawanami

Abstract: In this paper, we propose an object tracking system using an arm robot and two pan-tilt cameras. By combining these devices, we realize the...

Authors: Li Li, Kozo Ohtani, Mitsuru Baba

Abstract: Active triangulation methods assume that points in a scene are only illuminated by the sources of light. However, this assumption is valid...

Authors: Kozo Ohtani, Taiki Okazaki, Mitsuru Baba

Abstract: Many practical tasks in industry require the simultaneous determination of 3-D shape and refractive index of a transparent object. We have...

Authors: Tsutomu Matsuura, Amirul Faiz, Kouji Kiryu

Abstract: The differences method between 1-D wavelet transform and 2-D wavelet transform in image processing is discussed. Both proposed method uses...


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