Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

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Authors: Tsutomu Matsuura, Saburou Saitoh
Abstract: In this paper we shall give practical, numerical and explicit representations of inverse mappings of n-dimensional mappings (of the solutions of n-nonlinear simultaneous equations) and show their numerical experiments by using computers. We derive those concrete formulas from very general ideas for the representation of the inverse functions.
Authors: Abu Bakar Elmi, Tetsuo Miyake, Shinya Naito, Takashi Imamura, Zhong Zhang
Abstract: In production line, pose estimation of 3D object of products is needed beforehand. In order to perform shape measurement of the objects corresponding to speed of the mass production lines before the contact measurement is done, the information of object pose and matching is become required. In this paper, we conducted a study on the performance of model based and view based pose estimation method using image sequence of a rotating 3D object. In model based, we used object feature points from center of gravity and in view based method, the subspace calculation by block diagonalization of matrix represents a transformation an image to another image. We have confirmed the both method performance and it’s considered useful for pose estimation.
Authors: Tao Jin, Hong Zhi Jia, Wen Mei Hou, Ryo Yamamoto, Norihiro Nagai, Yusaku Fujii, Koichi Maru, Naoya Ohta, Kazuhito Shimada
Abstract: This paper introduced how to estimate motion pose using binocular stereo camera. The Euler angle of the moving object was computed by a rotation matrix. The result of the experiment shows astronaut was rotated during the parabola experiment. This work was useful for space research and space scale.

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