Selection of Anticorrosion Adhesive Layer for Steel Deck


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In order to solve the problems of the pavement delamination or slip caused by the failures of waterproof adhesive layer or anti-corrosion coating, the epoxy zinc-rich paint, the epoxy clear water paint and epoxy asphalt adhesive material with good performance was selected for the roughness-adhesive force test, tensile test under different temperatures and corrosion resistance test. The optimal anti-corrosion layer and adhesive layer were selected to increase the service life of the steel deck pavement. The test results show that: When the steel roughness is 60μm, the anti-corrosion material has the highest adhesive strength with the steel plate. Both the epoxy zinc-rich paint and the epoxy water paint have high adhesive strengths with the steel plate at room temperature. But at low temperature, the adhesion performance of the epoxy water paint is significantly better than that of the epoxy zinc-rich paint. At 70 °C, the adhesive strengths of both the epoxy water paint and epoxy zinc-rich paint adhesive system greatly decrease. The destruction morphology shows the opening of the adhesive layer. The specialized anti-corrosion coating must be brushed on the steel deck.



Edited by:

Nuwen Xu, Li Tian and Feng Dai




C. X. Yan et al., "Selection of Anticorrosion Adhesive Layer for Steel Deck", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 361-363, pp. 1137-1143, 2013

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August 2013




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