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Authors: Li Gang Cai, Zhi Liang Wang, Tie Neng Guo
Abstract: As super-span cross-rail of NC heavy-duty planer type milling machine tool has a super span and heavy mass,it will deform seriously after installed. Machining an arch camber on X direction sideway in advance is used to compensate for influence caused by its deformation.Finite-element method is used to analysis deformation of super-span cross-rail when working.Multinomial is used to fit deformation curve based on deformation of the X direction sideway of cross-rail when bottom-slide and ram at each position.At the same time this paper takes into consideration of the impact on camber curve as the bottom-slides span brings about 2 deformation curves.A method based on 2 deformation curves is put forward to design and optimize the camber curve. By comparing various camber curves effect on the deformation of milling head,this article proves that the optimization method can effectively reduce the influence of cross-rails deformation on machine tools accuracy.
Authors: Jian Zhong Zhang, Yong Jing Meng, Zhong Fu Yao, Yuan Yuan Liu, Xin Peng Xie
Abstract: The structure of traditional light planer feed box beam is complex and it is difficult to manufacture. According to the requirement of a company, a lightweight beam feed box was designed. Both improvement of the structure and optimal design were considered and good results were got. Fixed-axis gear box was adopted. It had small volume, light weight, simple structure and low cost.
Authors: Xuan Zuo Liu, Hui Min Wang, Fei Zhang, Yu Long Zhang, Qian Cheng Liu
Abstract: This paper designs the three-dimensional body modelling of a solar car prototype mainly according to the World Solar Challenge rules, and carries on the flow field digital simulation analysis. This paper analyzes the air resistance of the car body and adjusts to the body shape, and ultimately gets a model well accorded with air dynamics. This paper provides scientific theoretical basis for the design and manufacture of the solar car prototype.
Authors: Ying Xing Xie
Abstract: A mold injection molding bottle opener is completed on the basis of reverse engineering technology. First, use laser scanning system to scan split injection molded bottle opener, generate data point cloud. Through reducing the point cloud noise, removing noise point, firing, get accurate data point cloud. Finally, get the physical file based on point cloud files using UG NX 4.0 software.
Authors: Xiao Yi Che, You Xin Luo, Ling Fang Li
Abstract: Many questions in natural science and engineering are transformed into nonlinear equations to be found, Newton iterative method is an important technique to one dimensional and multidimensional variables and iterative process exhibits sensitive dependence on initial guess point. For the first time, utilizing an equal probability random number to produce initial value, a new method to find all solutions based on utilizing equal probability random number to obtain locate initial points to find all solutions of the nonlinear equations was proposed. The numerical examples in linkage synthesis and approximate synthesis show that the method is correct and effective.
Authors: Long Huang, Wen Li Ma, Jin Long Huang
Abstract: The use of hydrostatic bearing for support of telescope offers a number of potential performance advantages, but the structure parameter of bearing is the main factor which influence the bearing. The temperature rise of bearing is also important for the stiffnees of the telescope mount.In addition to the known benefit of mount stiffness and tracking accuracy from exceedingly low friction, the hydrostatic bearing provides a wide range of geometric possibilities for large telescopes [1].This paper analyzes various familiar hydrostatic bearing for the azimuth and elevation axes of telescope.Theoretical calculation and simulation show that the performance of bearing meets telescope’s design requirements.The principle and process of this work and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are introduced in detail. According to the CFX result, the structure parameter and performance of bearing ,temperature field and pressure distribution have obtained.
Authors: Jian Jun Wang, Su Lan Hao, Lu Pan
Abstract: In the design of hydraulic system, it is not only satisfied the transmission and control, but also needed to consider how to use the system power efficient and reliable. For a workshop of hot-rolled copper ingot production line hydraulic system, through the analysis of energy loss of hydraulic system, improved the hydraulic system of equipment for the purpose of energy-saving, and solved the problem in the process of transformation, achieved the purpose of energy-saving. These can provide reference for the energy-saving design and improvement of hydraulic system.
Authors: Ling Hui Song, Shou Ren Wang, Ying Zi Wang, Pei Long Song, Guang Ji Xue
Abstract: This article discussed the compound impact-abrasive wear behavior of shots impeller pair in shot blast cleaning. The shots impeller pairs were fabricated by investment casting processing. The predominance and shortcoming of investment casting for high chromium wear resistance materials used in shot blasting machine were also analyzed. Using investment casting technology, the high-Cr iron casting would be improvement in interal and explicit quality. And, owing to different included angles of shots, the blade show different wear behavior. The ideal included angle of shots is 12o. Increase in the angles leads to decreases of the wear resistance.
Authors: Yong Yan Wang, Xiao Liang Liu, Wen Bin Wei, Nan Qin
Abstract: Simulation of simplified the part structures of vibration screen by ANSYS software, and then establishes the finite element model of the linear vibration screen. Modal analysis and harmonic analysis of finite element model, and then according to the analysis results corresponding local structural modifications and adjust the center of mass of the modified vibration screen. Last verified the rationality of structure optimization.

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