Advances in Research of Dynamic Modeling of Joints with Harmonic Drives for Space Manipulators


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Space robotic systems are expected to play an increasingly important role in future space activities. With continuous growth of demands of control precision and robustness, researches of complex dynamic characteristics for robot joints become the key problem for space manipulators design. In this paper, the main research achievements on dynamics modeling for joints with harmonic drives are reviewed, and future studies are recommended. Firstly, we summarize the application status of joints with harmonic drives in space robotic systems. Secondly, dynamic characteristics of joint in space environment are discussed. Then, the advances in joint modeling, including compliance, transmission friction and hysteresis, are introduced. Moreover, identification methods and relevant research works are reviewed. Finally, the future research trends are forecasted.



Edited by:

Katsuyuki Kida




N. Z. Wei et al., "Advances in Research of Dynamic Modeling of Joints with Harmonic Drives for Space Manipulators", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 365-366, pp. 767-770, 2013

Online since:

August 2013




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