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Authors: Hai Yan Yu, Yong Xing Wang, Sheng Ze Wang, Zhao Feng Geng
Abstract:In some textile machines, fabric is an inseparable element for motion and force transmitting. But the existing mechanical simulation software...
Authors: Wen Jia Chen, Jiang Zhang, Yan Zhong He
Abstract:Based on the idea of integrated design, a drive-transmission integrated linear electromechanical actuator is developed. The actuator consists...
Authors: Hong Xin Wang, Ning Dai
Abstract:A non-iterative design method about high order intermittent mechanisms is presented. The mathematical principle is that a compound function...
Authors: Li Jun Zhong, Wen Wen Li
Abstract:A method of the classifying of ceramic tiles’ color difference is proposed, and the online detection system based on linear array color CCD...
Authors: Jiang Yuan, Zi Xue Qiu, Jin Wei Cao
Abstract:Because of the disadvantages in evaluating straightness error of the traditional method, such as high algorithm complexity, low evaluating...
Authors: Xiang Yang Lei, Hao Huang, Shi Han Zhang, Jian Wang, Qiao Xu, Yin Biao Guo
Abstract:According to needs of aspheric lens grinding and measurement with X/Y/Z 3-axis grinding machines, a CAM system is designed and implemented....
Authors: De Bin Zhao, Ji Hong Yan
Abstract:A novel feature extraction method is presented by combining wavelet packet transform with ant colony clustering analysis in this paper....
Authors: Xiao Jiang Zhou, Xing Liu
Abstract:In the last 20 years, China has been in the radical change of urbanization. The cities have been growing fast through continual construction...
Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Mei Wei Chen, Jian Wei Wu, Hai Hui Zheng, Xiao Feng Zheng
Abstract:Surface texture of tribological interfaces has the potential to improve friction and lubrication performance of various mechanical...
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