An Unequal-Sized Unidirectional Loop Layout Design Problem Considering Empty Vehicle Trip


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In the facility layout decisions, the previous general design principle is to minimize material handling costs, and the objective of these old models only considers the costs of loaded trip, without regard to empty vehicle trip costs, which do not meet the actual demand. In this paper, the unequal-sized unidirectional loop layout problem is analyzed, and the model of facility layout is improved. The objective of the new model is to minimize the total loaded and empty vehicle trip costs. To solve this model, a heuristic algorithm based on partheno-genetic algorithms is designed. Finally, an unequal-sized unidirectional loop layout problem including 12 devices is simulated. Comparison shows that the result obtained using the proposed model is 20.4% better than that obtained using the original model.



Edited by:

Yi-Min Deng, Aibing Yu, Weihua Li and Di Zheng






Y. L. Li et al., "An Unequal-Sized Unidirectional Loop Layout Design Problem Considering Empty Vehicle Trip", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 37-38, pp. 116-121, 2010

Online since:

November 2010




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