Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Hua Li, Yu Hou Wu, Ke Zhang

Abstract: Recently, hybrid ceramic bearings and oil/air lubrication have been used more and more on high speed spindles. However, applying an...

Authors: Yu Huang, Yong Liu, Guo Li Zhu

Abstract: A laser is often considered to scribe the grain-oriented silicon steel surfaces after cold-rolling and annealing to reduce the core loss. It...

Authors: Deng Yue Sun, Yang Zhao, Jian Dong Peng, Chong Shan Xu, Chun Guang Dong, Jun Wang, Ru Min Mei

Abstract: Based on analysis and transformation of structure and parameters of the introduced 4300mm rolling-cut shears, the paper designed a new...

Authors: Chon Chen, You Jin Jiang, Lan Huang

Abstract: By analyzing the principle of the HEM with inertia track and decoupled disc-membrane, this paper carried the analysis and the summary to the...

Authors: Ming Jin Yang, Xi Wen Li, Tie Lin Shi, Shu Zi Yang

Abstract: According to axial symmetry of geometric and kinematical features of the mixing domain of a planetary mixer, definitions of impact factor of...

Authors: Yang Zhou, Wei Hua Li, Muhammad N.S. Hadi

Abstract: As an important member of smart materials, magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) exhibit characteristics that their modulus can be controlled...

Authors: Ping Yuan Xi, Si Qin Chang

Abstract: Due to large mass and frequent start-stop, the advanced hybrid propulsion technologies enabling regenerating and reusing of significant...

Authors: Shun Ming Hua, Guang Ming Cheng, Zhi Yu Zhang, Ping Zeng

Abstract: A new precise linear impact drive mechanism (IDM) was proposed. Differing from the traditional ones, the new IDM can run silently driven by...

Authors: Shi Min Xu, Hua Gui Huang, Deng Yue Sun

Abstract: The pipe joint is a common part used in automobile, which is in great demand and has certain requirements for dimensions and accuracy....

Authors: Xiao Bin Ning, Ji Sheng Shen, Bin Meng

Abstract: In order to accurately calculate the braking efficiency factor of drum brake shoe of heavy truck, virtual prototyping of a heavy truck's...


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