Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Zhang, An Zhong Liu, Jian Hua Cui

Abstract: The microstructure of metal material would vary with temperature, the roughness of the metal fracture would change. The mechanical...

Authors: Yi Qiang Wang, Xiao Jun Wang, Shun Ming Hua

Abstract: An automatic tool changer (ATC) is one of the most important subsystems of a computerized numerical control (CNC) lathe. The field failure...

Authors: Xian Guang Kong, Jian Tao Chang, Chao Lei

Abstract: In order to implement the integration of tool libraries from CATIA and the tool database, CATIA software is further developed by using...

Authors: Ming Bo Ding, Xing Chong Chen

Abstract: The hysteretic and skeleton curves of load-displacement relation in pier top were got through the model-testing method of pile-soil...

Authors: Yi Hao Duan, Xiao Sheng Cheng, Ning Dai, Tian Ran Yuan

Abstract: A novel method to automatically position the standard dental crown for the design of dental crowns is proposed. We use margin feature points...

Authors: Zhi Wei Jiang, Min Yang

Abstract: This paper first analyzed the characteristics of the overall situation of industrial design. It then explored the position and trends of...

Authors: Bin Feng Sun

Abstract: The Inventory Routing Problem, once taken as a centralized optimization problem, integrated the inventory management and vehicle routing...

Authors: Nan Zhan, Jin Long Chen, Qian Liu

Abstract: This paper studied on micro/macro-structure of porous bio-ceramics with hierarchical structures in different scales. Established the...

Authors: Peng Zi

Abstract: Through speculation of parasitic relationships among organisms, the paper proposes a parasite design model, which further enriches design...

Authors: Qing Ge, Yin Wang, Ji Jun Ding

Abstract: With the flourish of the industrial design, the product model-making has become a professional sector. Based on the CAD/CAM technology,...


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