Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Bo Cao, Shi Ju E, Li Hui Zhu, An Feng Hui, Xi Lin Zhu, Chun Fu Gao

Abstract: The power generation characteristics of electroactive acrylic elastomer (EAE) were studied by experiments based on theoretical analysis. The...

Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Xiao Lei Feng

Abstract: Form human-machine-environment, this paper analyzed the factor of risk assessment, and proposed how to calculate the failure probability of...

Authors: Kui Li, Rong Qiang Liu, Sheng Yuan Jiang, Zong Quan Deng

Abstract: The function of the elevator is to help a lunar rover arrive at lunar surface from the top of a lander after landing. So the performance of...

Authors: An Hong Bao, Ming Jin Yang, Xing Dai, Zhen Yu Qiu, Shou Yong Xie

Abstract: According to Vortex Theory, the fluid flow in a swirl-core nozzle was analyzed, and an equation of spray angle was presented. The fluid in...

Authors: Wei Jin An, Wen Ming Yang

Abstract: In order to satisfy increasing demand for personalized products, through analysis characteristic parameters of individual factors such as...

Authors: Ji Bin Li, Ke Ke Xu, Xin Bo Lin, Xiao Yu Wu, Guo Li Gao

Abstract: In this paper, ultrasonic vibration is adopted and exerted on injection molding in order to improve plastics’ forming ability, and the...

Authors: Xiu Min Yang, Yan Wang, Wei Lun Zhao, Lei Zhang

Abstract: A kind of the measurement technique of the dimension and the geometry error of large dimension workpiece with two light routes and two CCD...

Authors: Hao Lun Wang, Liang Hou, Miao Li, Shuai Feng Wang

Abstract: As Mass Customization has become the main production mode of company, a growing number of companies begin to accept and implement product...

Authors: Jia Qi Rong, Lei Chen

Abstract: A trend that distribution and centralization are blending with each other has occurred in the configuration mode of manufacturing resource....

Authors: Chang Ming Liu, Zhi Gang Wang, You Rong Li

Abstract: Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 material (Also known as AZS) is a very important class of refractory, and plays...


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