Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Xu, Rui Ping Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, gear dynamics theory has been introduced into the torsional vibration calculation of the marine propulsion shafting. The...

Authors: Ju Long Yuan, Wei Feng Yao, Qian Fa Deng, Bing Hai Lv

Abstract: The V-groove angle of the machine is considered as one of important factors affecting the processing and the ball’s precision. To study its...

Authors: Xing Cong Wu, Bin Lin, Feng Liu, Xue Song Han

Abstract: This article summarizes the research status of nonlinear rotor-bearing dynamics system in china and abroad, discusses several major problems...

Authors: Ji Gao, Qiang Zhao, Tian Xia

Abstract: The displacement tolerance of Semi-closed loop control NC machine tool is an important index influencing processing procession. Based on...

Authors: Jian Hua Wang, Jing Nan Zhao, Yong Sheng Zhao, Zhe Wang, Dong Liang Guo

Abstract: To verify the existing sports bicycle frames design and to achieve the fast and accurate self-design of frames, a simulation model of the...

Authors: Dun Liu, Qian Fa Deng, Bing Hai Lv, Wei Feng Yao, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: Spin angle is an important target of expressing ball rotation in the lapping process. Whether lapping track can uniformly cover the ball...

Authors: Meng Zhang, Hong Ming Yang, De Lun Yang

Abstract: Based on different bidding decisions with heterogeneous expectations of market participants, a dynamic model of electricity market...

Authors: Xin Ma, Qian Fa Deng, Bing Hai Lv, Yong Liang Hu, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: This paper firstly summarizes two-dimensional numerical simulation of semi-fixed abrasive tool (SFAT), then three-dimensional model of SFAT...

Authors: Qian Zheng, Sai Feng Chen, Jie Shen, Ze Qing Liu, Kai Fang, Wei Xiang

Abstract: Operating rooms (OR) is one of the most demanding department in hospital. OR’s process will directly influence the profits of hospital as...

Authors: Fu Lai Qu, Shun Bo Zhao, Shi Min Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the seismic behavior of specially shaped reinforced concrete (RC) columns, thirteen specimens were tested under low...


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