Controlled Rolling and Controlled Cooling Technology of Fe-C-Mn-Si Multiphase Steel


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In the present paper, controlled rolling and controlled cooling of Fe-C-Mn-Si multiphase steel was conducted by a laboratory hot rolling mill. The results show that ferrite (grey), granular bainite (black) and retained austenite (white) and/or MA islands (white) are observed in a color etched LOM micrograph. The presence of the retained austenite is confirmed by SEM observation. Controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology contributes to the improvement of the microstructure. Excellent mechanical properties for Fe-C-Mn-Si multiphase steel are attributed to the TRIP effect of the stable retained austenite.



Edited by:

Yingtao Jiang and Fang He




Z. Li et al., "Controlled Rolling and Controlled Cooling Technology of Fe-C-Mn-Si Multiphase Steel", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 377, pp. 107-111, 2013

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August 2013




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