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Authors: Andrey V. Batranin, Sergey V. Chakhlov, Dmitry V. Grinev, Boris I. Kapranov, Vasily A. Klimenov
Authors: Vladimir V. Aksenov, Mikhail Yu. Blaschuk, Mikhail V. Dubrovskii
Abstract: The features of initiation of irregularity of rotation in geohod transmission with hydraulic cylinders in different phases are discussed in the present study. The procedure for determination of torque variation, as well as the effect of transmission parameters on the value of variation is described
Authors: Vladimir V. Aksenov, A.B. Efremenkov, V.Yu. Begljakov
Abstract: the effect of distance between ledges on the stresses in the rock of the face and distance between ledges as a function of the distance to the axis of a working are described, presence of a critical ratio of distance between ledges to the thickness of cut layer and the features characterizing the central area of the face are revealed.
Authors: Vladimir V. Aksenov, A.A. Khoreshok, V.Yu. Begljakov
Abstract: The work describes the features of process of mine working with application of geo-walkers, defines a number of tasks for determination of parameters of an external propulsor and proves their urgency
Authors: O.Y. Retyunski
Abstract: Variants of the up-to-date composite engineering materials. A process of cutting plates production is suggested and consists in rotating of a mould around its figural axis with changeable angular speed while a powder is loaded layer-by-layer into a mould
Authors: A.V. Valentov, V.V. Konovodov, Е.V. Agafonova
Abstract: The results indicate a reduction of defects in soldering turning tools through optimal dimensions of a solder. In this paper stress in a flat insert is calculated and the results of laboratory tests of cutters iron-carbon soldered are presented. The optimal dimensions of the solder are selected according to calculations conducted
Authors: A.V. Eremeev
Abstract: The paper provides brief classification of wear types of tillage machines working tools. Also factors influencing abrasive wear process are determined in the case of cultivator shank of Kuzbass 8.5 seeding machine. Principles of development of wear-resistant materials and coatings are discussed.
Authors: R.V. Chernukhin
Abstract: Findings concerning wear process of steering gear joints of the truck vehicles are provided. Characteristics of probability of no-failure operation as a function of wear rate of steering joints and pivot connections are determined.
Authors: Ivan F. Borovikov, Elena G. Fisochenko
Abstract: Necessity of construction of multidimensional spaces hypersurfaces arises in solving of mining tasks connected with morphogenesis of complicated technical surfaces and multivariate processes modeling. In this work nonlinear involutions are proposed to be used for this aim. Such approach allows to obtain almost any hypersurface responding to given properties.

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