Source Camera Identification Based on In-and-Inter Channel Traces


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Source camera detecting, which is about establishing whether or not the images of interest are taken by the same camera, is a challenging problem. Most CFA(color filter array) interpolation algorithm characterize the feature of camera which take the image. In this paper, we propose an improved algorithm. Instead of using inter-channel demosaicking/color interpolation traces, we first extract four in-and-inter-channel variance maps, respectively, and then extract the shape, similarity and difference features of maps for camera model identification. The experimental results show that the method had significantly improved the accuracy rate of source digital image identification.



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X.D. Yu






Y. J. Xie et al., "Source Camera Identification Based on In-and-Inter Channel Traces", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 380-384, pp. 3754-3757, 2013

Online since:

August 2013




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