A Compensation Approach of Dead-Zone Nonlinearity in Dual-Motor Driving Servo System


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Aiming at the control problem of dual-motor driving servo system with dead-zone nonlinearity,we proposed the model of system linear part.We used describing function methods to analyze dead-zone nonlinearity characteristic.The simulation experiments of nonlinear system with dead-zone were carried out.The results of simulation show that system represents the phenomenon of zero deflection with step response,error curve exists peak at commutation time with sine response.In the end,we used compensation control strategy to weaken the impact of dead-zone nonlinearity on dual-motor driving servo system.Finally the simulation illustrates the effectiveness of the proposed compensation control strategy.



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Liangzhong Jiang




H. B. Zhao and Y. G. Zhu, "A Compensation Approach of Dead-Zone Nonlinearity in Dual-Motor Driving Servo System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 389, pp. 454-459, 2013

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August 2013




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