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Authors: Wei Jiang, Fang Yuan, Wen Long Hu
Abstract: This paper introduces the work principle of single-phase SPWM H bridge inverter and builds up the mathematics model according to KVL and KCL. It can easy to observe nonlinear phenomena in the circuit after simulation the model. According to the characteristics of single-phase SPWM H bridge inverter, both resonant parametric perturbation and TDFC are good ways to eliminate chaotic behavior of inverter and made the system changing from chaos to stable period. It has a very important practical value and theoretical significance for stability design of single-phase SPWM H bridge inverter.
Authors: Wei Jiang, Fang Yuan, Wen Long Hu
Abstract: More and more experts and scholars pay more attention to the research of complex behavior in switching power converters. The research has become an important branch in power electronics. This paper introduces research methods of complex behavior in switching power converter. It includes how to observe complex behavior through building up mathematics modeling and simulation and how to make theoretical analysis to understand the reason occurring complex behavior. Practice proved that the research has a very important practical value and theoretical significance for stability design of switching power converters.
Authors: Feng Kong, Guo Ping Song
Abstract: According to the features of stock price change, a new forecast model, based on the regression analysis and SVM, is proposed to solve the problem of the stock price prediction. First, the regression analysis model is used to forecast stock prices, and then SVM was established to forecast and correct the error. The combined predictive values are obviously better than single method. Empirical analysis shows that the stock price based model based the regression analysis and SVM model significantly improved the forecast accuracy, it shows that the method in this paper is worth to be extended and applied.
Authors: Ling Li Fu, Tao Chen
Abstract: With more clinical trials using electronic way, new drugs electronic application has becoming an inevitable trend in near future. A well-designed case report form (CRF) is the premise of high quality clinical trials which facilitates data collection and entry, and directly benefits other facets of clinical data management. Firstly, paper introduces the CRF design modes and design principles. Then paper describes the CRF design process, and based on this, paper constructs the data structure with CDISC ODM concept. Lastly, paper explores how to convert the paper CRF to electronic format in web application with SAS statistic requirements in detail.
Authors: Jie Ping Han, Ya Qiong Wei
Abstract: This paper, firstly, introduces the related concepts such as information content industry (IC) and information content industry clusters (ICC), etc, and then, studies the ICC formation mechanism based on analyzing the reason of information content industry agglomeration (ICA).
Authors: Min Yun Zhu, Feng Su, Wu Jing Li
Abstract: In this paper, an improved multi-scale Retinex with color restoration is proposed by correcting some distortion on color rendition. By using the proposed method, results of image enhancement are obtained and compared further with those acquired by employing the single-scale Retinex, the multi-scale Retinex and the conventional multi-scale Retinex with color restoration. For HSV space shows better color channel independence by comparison with RGB space, a multi-scale Retinex in HSV space is given out and explored to enhance images. The experimental results do show distinct information and effects.
Authors: Guo Qiang Di, Cong Yan, Shao Qun Zhang, Fang Yi Liu, Hong Liang Chen, Xiao Shan Li, Hong Lei Guo, Yu Shu Yao, Jian Chun Zhang, Xiao Mei Wan
Abstract: With the rapid development of Internet, Internet addiction has become a social issue of common concern. The different kinds of software have emerged to prevent Internet addiction. This paper analyzes and compares those software. A good prevention software should be good information filtering, to identify different kinds of content, web site, can be used to monitor and control the computer, not conflict with the anti-virus software or firewall, and not introduce other new vulnerabilities, not accounting for more memory and more network resources.

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