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Authors: Wei Jiang, Fang Yuan, Wen Long Hu
Abstract:This paper introduces the work principle of single-phase SPWM H bridge inverter and builds up the mathematics model according to KVL and KCL....
Authors: Wei Jiang, Fang Yuan, Wen Long Hu
Abstract:More and more experts and scholars pay more attention to the research of complex behavior in switching power converters. The research has...
Authors: Feng Kong, Guo Ping Song
Abstract:According to the features of stock price change, a new forecast model, based on the regression analysis and SVM, is proposed to solve the...
Authors: Ling Li Fu, Tao Chen
Abstract:With more clinical trials using electronic way, new drugs electronic application has becoming an inevitable trend in near future. A...
Authors: Jie Ping Han, Ya Qiong Wei
Abstract:This paper, firstly, introduces the related concepts such as information content industry (IC) and information content industry clusters...
Authors: Min Yun Zhu, Feng Su, Wu Jing Li
Abstract:In this paper, an improved multi-scale Retinex with color restoration is proposed by correcting some distortion on color rendition. By using...
Authors: Guo Qiang Di, Cong Yan, Shao Qun Zhang, Fang Yi Liu, Hong Liang Chen, Xiao Shan Li, Hong Lei Guo, Yu Shu Yao, Jian Chun Zhang, Xiao Mei Wan
Abstract:With the rapid development of Internet, Internet addiction has become a social issue of common concern. The different kinds of software have...
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