Quantum, Nano, Micro and Information Technologies

Volume 39

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.39

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Authors: Dong Ya Ji, Rui Zhang

Abstract: Manufacturing is a major driving force and an important pillar for national economic development .It is also an important source to create...

Authors: Xing Xu, Zhong Xin Li, Shao Jun Qin, Chao Feng Pan

Abstract: The truck with Electrically Controlled Air Suspension(ECAS) could reduce the loss of goods by setting running height when transporting, and...

Authors: Xing Xu, Zhong Xin Li, Qi Yao Yang, Chao Feng Pan

Abstract: To improve riding performance of the bus with air suspension, the half-car nonlinear model of air suspension was created with the help of...

Authors: Ming Wang, Shou Jun Bai, Huan Bao Wang

Abstract: Most of the proposed algorithms focus on static networks of sensors with either static or mobile anchors, in which the Monte Carlo...

Authors: Qing Yong Zhang, Lan Chun Zhang, Jing Bo Zhao

Abstract: This paper investigates test study of vehicle test rig with electric control and hydrostatic drive (ECHD). The test rig is built up based on...

Authors: Xin Hua Yang, Yuan Yuan Shang, Da Wei Xu, Hui Zhuo Niu

Abstract: This paper introduces a design of a high-speed image acquisition system based on Avalon bus which is supported with SOPC technology. Some...

Authors: Jing Bo Zhao, Shao Yi Bei, Lan Chun Zhang

Abstract: Under the special situation of lateral wind disturbance, the lateral direction was resulted from the conventional obverse control strategy...

Authors: Guang Hua Cheng

Abstract: Every day there is lots of information obtained via the Internet. The problem of information overload is becoming increasingly serious, and...

Authors: Song Jie Gong

Abstract: With the rapidly growing amount of information available, the problem of information overload is always growing acute. Personalized...

Authors: Wen Shen Wang, Chen Huang

Abstract: In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of adaptive cruise control (ACC) system, the fault-tolerant control theory is used to...


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