Quantum, Nano, Micro and Information Technologies

Volume 39

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.39

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Authors: Zhong Bin Yin, Yue Ren, Gui Fang Yan

Abstract: With the development of modern educational technology, multimedia courseware has become the new trend of educational technology. Multimedia...

Authors: Jian Jun Wu, Li Hong He

Abstract: The wind flow, the main driving force of sand movement, has already been known for its random fluctuation characteristics especially in the...

Authors: Guo Qing Geng, Chen Long, Jing Bo Zhao

Abstract: Automotive EPS controller is easy to be affected by the parameter perturbations, road agitations, sensor noises and the lateral wind...

Authors: Guo Wei Yang, Xiao Yu

Abstract: The study of many-to-many associative memory models have obtained some achievement. The present many-to-many associative memory models can...

Authors: Guo Wei Yang, Yang Yang

Abstract: Some local motion models of artificial animals and a method momentarily continuously to switch the models are given. A society behaviour...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Xiao Guang Wu, Xi Zhe Zang, Ji Hong Yan, Lei Zhu

Abstract: Biped passive dynamic walking is a promising idea towards the goal of humanoid robotics further after the proposal of the upper body in...

Authors: Bo Zhang

Abstract: To solve truncation questions of calculation area(unbounded) of Helmhotlz equation, Berenger first proposed concept of Perfectly Matched...

Authors: Lu Han, Fang Zheng Xue, Zu Shu Li, Dong Yi Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we propose WearVis, a generic framework for human-machine hybrid recognition based on wearable visual computing. The chief...

Authors: Fei Ding, Jing Bo Zhao, Shao Yi Bei, Hai Mei Liu

Abstract: Ridership forecast of urban rail transport is one of the important bases for urban rail transport network planning, design, construction and...

Authors: Jun Guo He, Li Ke, Bao Ping Han, Fei Liu, Jian Liu

Abstract: By studying the operational characteristics of hybrid A2/O process, the operation data optimization was identified through the study of how...


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