Research on the Thermal Buckling Analysis of the Attitude Liquid Rocket Engine with Film Cooling


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A method which couples thermal and structure analysis has been efficiently implemented to investigate the buckling characteristics of the attitude liquid rocket engine with film cooling. It employs a model which is based on heat transfer of film cooling and introduces an integrated analysis methodology. The results indicate that the maximum wall temperature takes place at the throat of the nozzle, and the maximum wall stress appears at the place having the greatest temperature gradient. Moreover instability of the thrust chamber with big expanding ratio and thin thickness will happen under certain external pressure and the critical buckling loads is higher than the results without thermal load. These conclusions are reliable and should benefit rocket design.



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Dashnor Hoxha




W. H. Hui et al., "Research on the Thermal Buckling Analysis of the Attitude Liquid Rocket Engine with Film Cooling", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 390, pp. 714-719, 2013

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August 2013




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