Research Progress of the Properties and Application of Bamboo Charcoal


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As a new environmental-friendly material and functional material, research and developmental utilization on bamboo charcoal has been taken much more attention. It described the basic properties of charcoal, such as composition, structure etc., and also introduced the adsorption properties, electromagnetic properties, far-infrared emission properties, release negative ions properties etc., as well as the corresponding application research status at home and abroad. The future research of bamboo charcoal should focus on the properties and application of micro nano bamboo charcoal.



Edited by:

Shengli Li, Weijuan Li and Jiguang Li




Y. J. Ye and Z. F. Zhang, "Research Progress of the Properties and Application of Bamboo Charcoal", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 395-396, pp. 646-649, 2013

Online since:

September 2013




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