On the Science and Technology Innovation in the Macroeconomic Framework


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Science and technology innovation is the power of enterprise development, since the 1980s, A series of science and technology policies have been formulated according to the needs in different periods. Because the policy varies in different circumstances, science and technology innovation environment, such as social innovation atmosphere, information and service supply still depend on the creation of local authority. Therefore, this paper defines the framework of the technology innovation, takes up the countermeasure of improving local innovation in science and technology, including: create favorable policy environment, and build scientific and technological innovation atmosphere, guide the limited resources, technology intermediary market, so as to coordinate and support local technology innovation and achieve the goal of the coordinate development of the science& technology, economy and society. Technological innovation is the originality of scientific research and technological innovation, refers to the floorboard of creation and application of new technology, new knowledge, new technology, using the new mode of production and management model, and develop new products, improve product quality, provide the new service process. Macro frame is refers to the macro-control of laws, regulations and policies, China national science and technology innovation policy innovation of science and technology is the place where, macro frame to support science and technology innovation in the science and technology to implement national policy.



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Zhu Zhilin & Patrick Wang






X. Lu "On the Science and Technology Innovation in the Macroeconomic Framework", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 40-41, pp. 433-437, 2011

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November 2010





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