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Authors: Yan Qiang Li, Yang Li, Zhi Xue Wang
Abstract:Chinese carmaker is short of the ability of designing CAN\LIN network, a method of designing the vehicle body CAN-BUS and LIN-BUS network is...
Authors: Hong Ke Xu, Chun Cheng Ma, Xun Zhao Guo, Chang Bao Wen
Abstract:To meet the requirements of smoothness and flexibility, an intelligent track-searching vehicle is designed to run fast and smoothly on...
Authors: Yan Kai Cui, Li Fu, Xiao Geng Liang, Ling Luo
Abstract:Aiming at terminal guidance law design of airborne boost-phase ballistic missile interception under acceleration of target without...
Authors: Ge Zhu, Li Na Lou, Xian Quan Wang, Jing Luo
Abstract:The article proposed a kind of new measuring technique suitable for pellet outer diameter --shading of measurement, using high quality laser...
Authors: Yi Hui Lin, Hai Bo Zhang
Abstract:The method of state space model fitting is carried out by using the linear relation of the variable of the differential equations and...
Authors: Jian Hui Liu, Chang Peng Ji, Mo Gao
Abstract:As the core of automotive engine control system, carrying out intelligence research for ECU’s own intellectual property rights is necessary....
Authors: Jun Gong Ma, Yue Xue Liu, Guo Chang Bai
Abstract:The stable output-pressure of a gas regulator has important significance to the operational safety. This new intelligent gas regulator’s key...
Authors: Chang Bin Li, Ai Guo Wu, Chun Yan Du
Abstract:This paper is concerned with speed control of hydraulic press system. First, the mathematical model of hydraulic press is derived from its...
Authors: Xin Miao Ding
Abstract:MISEP is a validated Algorithm to separate linear and nonlinear mixture signals,In this paper,the MISEP is used for separating mixture...
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