Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Song

Abstract: Aim at the complex background of eggplant image in the growing environment, a image segmentation method based on BP neural network was put...

Authors: Shuang Yan Zhang, Jun Yu, Guang Fen Wei, Zhen An Tang, Yi Chen, Yuan Hui Cui

Abstract: The quantification accuracy of the gas mixture recognizing is greatly dependent on the gas sensor array signal processing method. The paper...

Authors: Hai Peng Chen, Xuan Jing Shen, You Wei Wang

Abstract: In order to balance the algorithm’s robustness and the watermark’s transparency better, a blind digital watermarking algorithm based on SVD...

Authors: Ai Xiang He, Yong Qiang Wang, Yan Rong Shi

Abstract: An approach to tumor molecular classification based on their gene expression profiles was presented. A new measure known as Between-groups...

Authors: Xin Rong Liu, Guang Yang

Abstract: To facilitate the share and reuse and effective retrieval of knowledge, an ontology-based knowledge system model was presented focusing on...

Authors: Qun Gao

Abstract: Adopting the role-based access control solution, this paper focuses on the study of access level, the most important part of the enterprise...

Authors: Xiao Hua Liu, Song Qing Li

Abstract: From the intelligent fault diagnosis system requirements, this article analyzes the relationship between the fault diagnosis and the...

Authors: Qi Xie

Abstract: The aim of self proxy is to protect the signer’s permanent secret key. In 2007, Kim and Chang proposed a self proxy signature scheme. In...

Authors: Yuan Cao, Lin Yang, Zom Bo Fu, Feng Yang

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of identity management architecture from the viewpoint of paradigms and models. The definition of identity...

Authors: Zom Bo Fu, Jian Xin Wang, Lin Yang, Yuan Cao, Wei Xing Zhu

Abstract: In Open Computing Environments, more and more applications are deployed as service. They provide services for users from different...


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