Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Zhang, Li Yang, Yan Zhang

Abstract: Take data driven method as theoretical basis, study multi-source information fusion technology. Using online and off-line data of the fusion...

Authors: Zhao Xiang Deng, Fei Lai

Abstract: A new type of electromagnetic linear actuator for vehicle active suspension system is designed. Combined with the finite element analysis...

Authors: Jin Xue Sui, Li Yang, Yun An Hu, Zhi Lin Zhu

Abstract: Based on the periodically forced dynamic qualities of the blood circulation system, this paper considered from network and hemodynamics,...

Authors: Ren Di Yang, Yan Li Zhang

Abstract: To remove the noises in ECG and to overcome the disadvantage of the denoising method only based on empirical mode decomposition (EMD), a...

Authors: Zhang Xiao Ying, Guan Li Hong

Abstract: In this paper, we study positive solutions to the repulsive singular perturbation Hill equations with impulse effects. It is proved that...

Authors: Yang Li, Yan Qiang Li, Zhi Xue Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of automotive ECUs(Electronic Control Unit), the fault diagnosis becomes increasingly complicated. And the link...

Authors: Guang Jun Jiang, Hai Bin Liu

Abstract: In order to offer reference for the construction of energy transportation channels in China, we evaluated the existing system with the...

Authors: Ke Li, Wei Cheng, Xiao Jian Liu, Shu Bin Li, En Guang Hou, Yan Gao, Liang Wang, Qing Liu, Bo Nian Zhao, Zong Yuan Yu

Abstract: In this paper, a model for evaluating the quality of Baikal skullcap root based on the chromatographic fingerprint and pharmacological...

Authors: Wei Jin Chen, Huai Lin Dong, Qing Feng Wu, Ling Lin

Abstract: The evaluation of clustering validity is important for clustering analysis, and is one of the hottest spots of cluster analysis. The quality...

Authors: Rui Qing Wang, Fu Xiong Wang, Wen Tian Ji

Abstract: Under deregulated environment, accurate electricity price forecasting is a crucial issue concerned by all market participants. Experience...


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