Fault Diagnosis of Emulsion Pump Valve


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The abruption of the valve spring will deteriorate the opening and closing hysteresis characteristic and reduce the volumetric efficiency of the emulsion pump further. With the singularity detection and the improved algorithm of the Lipschitz exponents based on least median of squares, the singularities in signals could be localized to find the impact hour between the discharge valve disc and the valve seat or the lift limiter. The diagnosis results show that the discharge valve spring abruption fault of the emulsion pump can be identified correctly and effectively.



Edited by:

Bo Zhao, Yidu Zhang, Guanglin Wang, Hai Zhang, Jianbin Zhang and Feng Jiao




X. M. Han, "Fault Diagnosis of Emulsion Pump Valve", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 42, pp. 73-76, 2011

Online since:

November 2010





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