History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Xing Xin Xu, Xiao Hui Zhang, You Yi Zheng

Abstract: From the definition of logarithmic spiral and its particular characteristics, logarithmic spiral is discussed and adopted as the tooth back...

Authors: Shou Feng Nie, Zai Dan Geng, Ying Liang Yu

Abstract: The special section tube was machined by special NC reconstruction according to constituents of rolling motion. The rotation of driving and...

Authors: Li Juan Zhong, Jing Lin Tong

Abstract: The traditional optical-mechanical measurement instrument as well as manual data processing methods has unable to meet the efficient and...

Authors: Jing Lin Tong, Yun Bo Shen, Xiao Bo Wang

Abstract: Based on the technology of face gear shaping, the tooth surface design and geometry were investigated that include tooth generation,...

Authors: Qi Lin Niu, Zhao Yun Wu, Nan Bo Liu, Shu Long Hu, Cheng Lin Yang

Abstract: Application of the CAD/CAM integrated system is an effective means to improve the information technology level of the super-hard cutting...

Authors: Bing Guang Gao, Hai Xia Li, Xia Ping Wen, Fa Hui Wang

Abstract: The centrifugal fan performance experiment system was introduced. The structure, function, measuring principle of the system is analyzed....

Authors: Xiao Bo Wang, Hui Qin Gao, Guo Fu Gao

Abstract: The mechanical model of stress field was established in grinding with/without ultrasonic vibration assistance, based on indentation fracture...

Authors: Zhong Ying Wang, Bao Liu, Xian Zhou Cao, Zun Yi Deng, Bao Chen Ren

Abstract: In order to satisfy the design requirements of the stator structural of a cylindrical bending-type ultrasonic motor (CBTUSM) and improve the...

Authors: Jian Guo Yao, Bo Zhao, Zhen Feng Jia

Abstract: According the designing theory of transformer, it could be designed by big end diameter, magnification, area index and other parameters....

Authors: Xin Long Kang, Dong Man Yu, Hui Guo, Chang Pei Shang

Abstract: This paper presents a deep analysis for the effects of the principles and Electrical Parameters of ultrasonic vibration aided EDM in gas on...


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