History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Zhi Bo Yang, Gui Bin Zhang, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: Brazing diamond grits to steel substrate using Ni-based filler alloy was carried out via laser in an argon atmosphere. Thermodynamic...

Authors: Chong Yang Zhao, Xiang Dong Li, Feng Jiao

Abstract: The crack nucleation and propagation process in ultrasonic grinding engineering ceramics are studied based on indentation fracture...

Authors: Bao Yu Du, Xiao Zhuo Xu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: A single-axis ultrasonic levitator applied in containerless processing of materials was introduced. It could suspend steel ball with density...

Authors: Yong Gang Yan, Yan Qin Li, Zhan Kui Wang

Abstract: Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a large-scale geometrical detecting instrument. It is of high accuracy, high efficiency simple...

Authors: Chang Juan Zhang, Chuan Shao Liu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: Engineering ceramics have been widely used in recent years because of its excellent performances. However, the high hardness and brittleness...

Authors: Xu Yu, Biao Yuan

Abstract: Aimed at the problem of huge energy consumption of traditional office air conditioning units, this paper has put forward a new energy-saving...

Authors: Tao Zeng, Xiang Zhang, Hai Bo Lin, Min Zhou, Kai Cheng

Abstract: The process of bubbles from formation to eruption was simulated by using the two-fluid model combined with the particle kinetic theory to...

Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Guang Lin Wang, Ze Sheng Lu

Abstract: . The importance of the armature components and two kinds of whose definition have been illustrated. The concept of tandem and parallel...

Authors: Hai Jun Hu, Ya Zhou Sun, Ze Sheng Lu

Abstract: In this paper, the prediction model of micro-milling cutters in milling process is established to simulate the wear depth in the software...

Authors: J. Liu, Guang Lin Wang

Abstract: Pneumatic measurement and genetic algorithm based approach for form tolerances, including the cylindricity error, circularity error and...


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