History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Jing Li, Bo Wang, Dong Xing Zhang, Bao Liu
Abstract: An inspection & sorting system of apple external quality has been developed according to the procedure of orientation first and image information capture followed. The system includes an orientation and conveyer set, a computer, a camera, a positioning sensor and apple image capturing and processing software. The orientation and conveyer set were used to realize the function of apple orientation while moving, and make different diameter apples rolling at the same revolution on rollers, so that more information and more accurate sorting results could be gotten. The mechanism adopts two cameras for apple image capture and apple quality will be inspected according to its one direct picture and four side pictures. The positioning sensor is used to inspect apple position and trigger the image capture card in time. The processing of images were carried out under Visual C++6.0 circumstance
Authors: Nan Bo Liu, Zhao Yun Wu, Gang Yan Li, Shu Long Hu, Cheng Lin Yang
Abstract: In view of the problems and difficulties in the information system integration of the small and medium-sized super-hard cutting tools enterprises, the characteristics of the design and manufacture of the CBN turning tool were analyzed. The demand of the enterprises for the 3C integrated system of CBN turning tool was presented. The 3-layer architecture of the 3C integrated system of CBN turning tool was proposed, which included the data layer, the application layer and the user layer. The object-oriented method was adopted to design the system and the class model of the system was constructed. Based on these, the 3C integrated system of CBN turning tool for small and medium-sized enterprises was developed. The key technologies of the system were put forward. The system had been applied to the enterprise and run well.
Authors: Xiao Bin Fan, Hui Gang Wang, Yong Zang
Abstract: In order to find the vibration source of a rolling mill, the dynamical characteristic of friction of the rolling interface was analyzed. Characteristic between friction coefficient and rolling speed has been gotten based on test. It is shown the friction or friction coefficient of rolling interface declined sharply with the rolling speed variety in some time. By the comparison test on the spot, it is shown that closing emulsion is conducive to vibration suppression. A lateral friction roller flutter model was established. According to the model numerical analysis, it is shown that when the external disturbance forces being smaller the system showed an almost periodic motion, while a chaotic ones when the external disturbance forces being bigger. Moreover, with the change in external disturbance force roll amplitude bifurcation was occurred. That is to say, reducing the rate and frequency of exciting force will improve the stability of the system dynamics.
Authors: Li Mei Zhang, Li Xin Nie
Abstract: Reverse engineering, which is an approach for constructing a CAD model from a material solid through dimensional measurement and surface modeling, could be used to structure digitized tooth surfaces of hypoid gear. The reverse engineering of a NURBS tooth surface can be considered as specific number of curve's reverse solution, and the key is the structure of control equations and the selection of boundary conditions in each of reverse processes. According to NURBS theory, the coordinate, normal vector and various kinds of curvatures of all of points in the tooth surface can be solved. Thereupon, the engagement analysis of gear pairs can be achieved before manufacturing, and it is possible to amend manufacturing parameters in time so as to obtain tooth surfaces which meet the needs of function.
Authors: Zhen Cheng Wang, Ai Rong Liu, Xin Wang
Abstract: The paper discussed the elastic and plastic analysis method should be applied to the heavy load roller parts used in pellet presses instead of the calculation method of a first deformation in order to solve the problem of the strain intensity under cyclical deformation and analyzed the theory and calculation steps, gave relationship table of to of Generalized maximum strain and 、 to in different strain ranges so as to be easier to calculate for engineers.
Authors: Chuan Shao Liu, Yi Hui Li
Abstract: Ultrasonic polishing without abrasives may enhance the fatigue strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the part. The wear law and mechanism of tool head in the process of ultrasonic polishing without abrasives were analyzed according to the processing conditions and the specific experiments. The influences of processing parameters on wear rate of the tool head were studied. The experimental results showed that longer service life could be gotten in the ultrasonic polishing without abrasives than conventional extrusion process, and the wear rate of the tool head increased with the increment of the preload, rotating speed of the spindle and the feed rate of the work piece.
Authors: Zhao Wei Dong, Xiao Hang Wan, Sheng Yong Liu
Abstract: In the procedure of cutting, its corner radius influences cutting forces, chip breaking, chip shaping, and the distribution status of residual stress. The author adopts the Finite Element Method (FEM) in this paper, and establishes the reasonable two-dimension milling model based on the orthogonal cutting process, which is used the adaptive meshing criteria. And, a typical work-piece chip breaking process with different cutting tools corner radius, which gets the cutting forces curves and the total status of residual stress distribution and the status is simulated in this paper.
Authors: Yun Tong Lu, Chun Jie Wang, Ang Li, Han Wang
Abstract: The rapid development of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) approach can simultaneously guarantee the cut of cost on design and optimal performance of spacecraft. Based on the theory of Collaborative Optimization approach (CO) of MDO, present paper proposes the method of CO by integrating Pro/E(3D modeling), Patran/Nastran(FEM analysis) and ADAMS(multi-body dynamic analysis) with the Isight software. In the analysis of the soft-landing gear of Lunar Lander, this method can optimize the mass of the landing gear and meanwhile ensures the reliability of structure statics, structure dynamics and multi-body dynamics. Thus the feasibility, applied value and guideline significance of this method in spacecraft structural design are proven.
Authors: Zhan Xu Tie, Li Jun Zhao
Abstract: The design and main functions of the automatic acquisition and testing system for air compressor performance was Introduced. The system has the following advantages, such as excellent practicability, rapidity, stability, reliability, operability, development, monitoring, and good security feature. The system can give Real-time processing on test data and compile test reports of the piston compressor. The system can display, save and print performance curve, respectively.
Authors: Quan Cai Wang, Nan Fang He, Guo Fu Gao, Bo Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, topography feature of the diamond grinding wheel under the diamond stylus elliptical ultrasonic vibration assisted dressing was studied experimentally. The results indicate that: the increase in dressing power of elliptical ultrasonic vibration will result in the increase in amplitude, and that can increase abrasive protrusion height of the dressing grinding wheel, and also increase the depth of chip pocket. With the increase of feed rate, surface peak and valley values of elliptical ultrasonic vibration dressing grinding wheel increase, that is the average protrusion height of abrasive grain increases. With the increase of dressing depth, surface peak and valley values of elliptical ultrasonic vibration dressing grinding wheel increases, while the number of static effective abrasive grain reduces. In comparison with the ordinary dressing grinding wheel, elliptical ultrasonic assisted dressing in the same parameters can bring about more static effective abrasive grain , more uniform abrasive distribution, a higher abrasive protrusion height and more chip space.

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