History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Ming Qiu, Jia Fei Yan, Ying Chun Li

Abstract: Oxygen content in a working environment affects tribological characteristics of steels. Tribological behaviors of chromium steel pins...

Authors: Shu Juan Cao, Hai Zhang, Sen Li

Abstract: The influence of the wear of the rotor bar on its impact effect was investigated with FEM simulation. The effectiveness of FEM simulation on...

Authors: Hong Chun Wu, Chun Jie Wang, Peng Liu

Abstract: This paper contraposed the reliability analysis of deployment mechanism of solar arrays. First, the configuration and function of solar...

Authors: Ming Li Zhao, Bo Zhao, Yu Qing Wang, Ling Zhi Kong

Abstract: Because of the hard-brittle character of ceramics, the ultrasonic vibration grinding method was used in the experiment. And the effects of...

Authors: Xiao Hui Shi, Ming Heng Xu, Hong Li Gao

Abstract: This paper combine the traditional mechanical analysis with shearing stress analysis of GB springs, and presents a new stress method, It...

Authors: Lin Feng Wu, Xiao Chun Yin, Zhong Hua Liu

Abstract: The torsion bar system model of a 150-ton convertor tilting mechanism was made by using APDL language of the finite element software...

Authors: Hai Zhang, Shu Juan Cao, Sato Kazuhiko

Abstract: The scooping process of wheel loader is divided into three phases, called insertion, scoop-up and pull-out phase respectively. The key phase...

Authors: Ping Chen, Jian Ma

Abstract: With the rapid development of modern industry, pressure vessel technology has been widely applied in research and industrial production, and...

Authors: Jian Xin Zheng

Abstract: Technology of NC-contour evolution ultrasonic assisted creep feed grinding (NC-CEUACFG) blade surface was put forward to solve the difficult...

Authors: Cheng Guang Zhang, Xue Ling Yang, Bo Zhao

Abstract: The experiment of ultrasonic assisted pulse electrochemical compound finishing is carried in this paper. The machining principle of the...


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