History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Tie Hong Gao, Rui Li, Shi Zhong Yang, Yan Zhuang

Abstract: The 3 DOF parallel machine tool CNC system based on DSP takes 3-HUU configuration of parallel machine tool as the control object, and adopts...

Authors: Tong Long Xue, Xiao Hui Zhang, De Tai Du

Abstract: The development of mine support equipments, which has a long history, is accompanied with the development of the coal mining industry. From...

Authors: Jian Ping Chen, Wei Dong

Abstract: A new monitoring method is described on the basis of the technology of the cooling tower fan monitoring and failure diagnosis, the warning...

Authors: Hai Xia Li, Zhi Jun Sun, Li Jun Zhao, Zhan Xu Tie

Abstract: The application of rigid ceramic filter for gas filtration on an industrial scale has shown unstable operation over periods of days. The...

Authors: Qing Wang, Hai Zhang

Abstract: The impact process of the hammer and the rock in impact crusher has been simulated with the software MSC.Dytran. Through the analysis of...

Authors: Ming Qiu, Jia Fei Yan, Long Chen, Bin Hai Zhao

Abstract: Based on the FEM and the relative software ANSYS, the analysis of slewing bearings with negative clearance was presented. In this paper, the...

Authors: Yan Feng Li, Hong Hong Mou, Jian Gong Yu

Abstract: Computer Supported Collaborative Design(CSCD) is the applicarion of Computer Supported Collaborative Work(CSCW) in the product design field....

Authors: Xiang Dong Li, Quan Cai Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the characteristic of grinding force in two-dimensional ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding nano-ceramic was studied by...

Authors: Ding Shi Li, Yi Du Zhang, Qiong Wu, Peng Wang

Abstract: In order to identify fractal scale parameters of machined surface profile accurately, the precisions of different parameter identification...

Authors: Bin Wang, Chun Jie Wang, Hong Chun Wu

Abstract: Regarding the basic method and process of current spacecraft structural mechanics analysis, the paper used the secondary development...


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