History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Xin Long Kang, Dong Man Yu, Xue Ling Yang, Di Wang

Abstract: This paper presents the methods and applications for the real-time control of CNC machining process quality in detail and clarifies the...

Authors: Kun Lv, Qing Liang Zeng

Abstract: Product development is a concurrent process, which tends to be of such features as collaborative, distributed (web-based), interactive, and...

Authors: Ai Jun Hu

Abstract: The automobile mechanical steering system, hydraulic power steering system, electro hydraulic power steering system, electric power steering...

Authors: Hong Xia He

Abstract: The machining principle and characteristics of form grinding cylinder gear are introduced as well as the characteristics of form grinding...

Authors: Yu Jing He, Bao Liu, Wan Zhang Wang

Abstract: Focusing on the existing problems of precision seeder the plate type plug seeder based on magnetic attraction was designed. The seeder can...

Authors: Fang Yong Tian, Chi Bing Hu, Yan Cang Jiang

Abstract: To solve helical non-circular gears manufacturing problem, the simplest mathematical model for hobbing helical non-circular gear and...

Authors: Lin Feng Wu, Xiao Chun Yin, Ming Quan Geng

Abstract: A Pile-Extractor machine was developed based on the theory of water jet,which was applied in small gravel,sand and soft soil.It consists of...

Authors: Hua Wang, Jun Li Liu, Jia Ning Zou

Abstract: In this study, adding coal cinder to bottom of solar pond as a means of increasing temperature of the solar pond is presented. A series of...

Authors: Yi Tao Liu, Chun Jie Wang, Bin Wang

Abstract: Based on analysis of problems in spaceflight products R&D data process and management, a solution is proposed in this paper. An analysis and...

Authors: Bao Zhan Lü, Ai Jun Hu, Si Hong Zhu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of vibration characteristics of certain off –road vehicle, and research of effect of front axle suspension to vehicle...


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