History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Yu Xiao Zhang, Xian Qun Zeng, Xin Jie Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a distributed motion control system is designed and achieved for the modular multi-legged robot with hand-fused foot based on...

Authors: Jin Xue Xue, Bo Zhao

Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of dressing methods on grinding temperature, two kinds of diamond grinding wheels dressed by...

Authors: Bao Liu, Dong Xing Zhang, Li Zong

Abstract: Actual motion states of the hammers while hammer mill steady running is an important analysis basis for the dynamic characteristics of the...

Authors: Xiu Fang Liu, Fa Hui Wang, Fan Mao Meng

Abstract: A two-stage cascade pre-cooling test bed was designed and set up to develop a -30°C /-60°C pre-cooling equipment. An internal heater...

Authors: Qun Yan Tan, Xin Zhao, Xue Bin Zhang

Abstract: The two methods of artificial damping and artificial stiffness are developed in dynamic explicit FEA code for ring rolling. Advantages and...

Authors: Jun Li Liu, Hua Wang, Yan Yan Yan

Abstract: The paper discusses the application of the wireless data transmission in the industrial control system and analyses the characteristics of...

Authors: Hua Li Su, Xiao Peng Miao, Yong Zhang

Abstract: With the continuous development of CNC technology, CNC machine tools run at the higher speed. Cutting force will be greater, which is bound...

Authors: Shu Yi Guo, Yong Qi Qi

Abstract: The reliability tests play more and more important role in mechanical systems. A new method named a few samples and combined the probability...

Authors: Chang You Li, Sheng Kui Zhang, Xiao Qi Cheng

Abstract: To recognize whether there exist crack damages in the inner structure of aircraft engine based on the borescope images, a method is...

Authors: Hui Qin Gao, Sheng Wen Wang, Qing Guo Chen

Abstract: Gear-shape error is the key factor to effect driving stability. A analysis on the common gear cutting error processed in hobbing is made,...


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