History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design

Volume 42

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.42

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Authors: Wei Sheng, Xiu Fang Liu, Hua Wang, Zhi Wei Gao, Ru Chao Liu

Abstract: The compressed gas for ambient temperature in vortex tube can be separated into two streams of different temperature gas, which phenomenon...

Authors: Zhang Dong Li, Bo Zhao, Jun Jin Ma

Abstract: Composite materials have good mechanical properties. In order to solve the difficult process of composite materials, this paper proposes to...

Authors: Zhao Wei Dong, Xiao Hang Wan, Sheng Yong Liu

Abstract: The distribution of residual stress in thick pre-stretched aluminum plate needs to be accurately measured in order to control the machining...

Authors: Dao Hui Xiang, Xin Tao Zhi, Guang Xi Yue, Guo Fu Gao, Bo Zhao

Abstract: Al/SiCp composites with excellent physical and mechanical properties are applied widely in the aerospace, automotive, national defense,...

Authors: Wu Ji Jiang, Jia Bing He, Zhi Gang Jin

Abstract: Since the end of the 1970s and early 1980s, with the introduction of foreign MRPII/ERP software and the advanced business management thought...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zhang, Dong Hai Chen

Abstract: The support vector machine technology is applied to study the fault diagnosis for supercharge system of diesel engine. Based on the...

Authors: Hui Duan Zhang

Abstract: The drive screw is simplified as a rotating Tinoshenko beam under the pre-tension force. Using boundary conditions and continuity...

Authors: Wen Xing Li, Xiao Bo Wang, Li Min Sun

Abstract: The modes of a piece of disk spring and two piece of congruent disk spring are calculated by the finite element software ANSYS. Natural...

Authors: Deng Pan Zhang, Hong Li Zhu, Yong Gang Shi

Abstract: The data communication plays a very important role in fault diagnosis instrument system. In this paper, a flexible software bus method is...

Authors: Zhong Wu, Li Li Liu, Guo Zhi Zhang, Jun Jie Xi

Abstract: The simulation method for ARB(accumulative roll bonding) and the constitutive model of the ARB specimen were studied. Based on the...


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