Study for Power Grid Fault Diagnosis System Based on Hierarchical Distributed MAS


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The setup structure for the power grid faults diagnose system is analysed, the Multi-Agent System technique is used to the system. The functional modular of the system is transformed into Multi-Agent System, which has the same function as the entity system. The modular of the system can be in reconfiguration state when trouble appears by using Agent technique. The system running mechanism is also given.



Edited by:

B. L. Liu, Minghai Yuan, Guorong Chen and Jun Peng




R. J. Li and S. Y. Ding, "Study for Power Grid Fault Diagnosis System Based on Hierarchical Distributed MAS", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 427-429, pp. 1209-1212, 2013

Online since:

September 2013




* - Corresponding Author

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