Resource Utilization of Digital Library in Full View Analysis of SWOT


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With the development of information technology, the network information resource grows rapidly. The information collection, processing, storage, retrieval and utilization of the construction of Library Digital Resource have become the important issues of library management. It is also the new hot topic of Library digital. Firstly, this article analyzes the using of digital library resources in developed countries. According to the survey data, it analyzes the utilization of Chinese digital library resources and digs out the main problem. It uses SWOT method to analyze the association of external environmental and internal functional factors of the entire construction of digital library resources. Then it puts forward some scientific suggestions of the development of digital library which provides theoretical basics and technical supports for the construction of the digital library.



Edited by:

B. L. Liu, Minghai Yuan, Guorong Chen and Jun Peng




L. P. Gao, "Resource Utilization of Digital Library in Full View Analysis of SWOT", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 427-429, pp. 2104-2109, 2013

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September 2013





* - Corresponding Author

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