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Authors: Jia Ming Deng, Hui Ping Shen, Chang Yu Xue, Shan Shu Liu, Xin Xiang Wang
Abstract:The design and development of a screw-drive in-pipe robot is presented. The robot is composed of power-driving module, walking orientation...
Authors: Xiao Ming Sheng, Lei Liu, Yun Qing Xu
Abstract:Workpiece placing and removing for stretcher operated by hand have low precision, low efficiency and poor security. The workpiece automatic...
Authors: Ying Shi Sun, Tian Min Guan
Abstract:The paper firstly gives the formation principle of two teeth difference cycloid gear; correctly calculates cycloid gear by using the analysis...
Authors: Geng Fang Wang
Abstract:The flow characteristics of control valve are very important to product quality. For measuring the flow coefficient and flow curve accurately...
Authors: Quan Wang, Jin Zhang, Ran Hu, Ying Shao
Abstract:This paper presents an electromechanical, two axes sun tracking system based on single chip microcomputer (MCU). According to the path of the...
Authors: Zhi Hong Wu, Si Bei Wu, Yuan Zhu, Guang Yu Tian
Abstract:The paper presents a new method for mode selecting which includes constant torque mode and flux-weakening mode. The proposed method modifies...
Authors: Jun Tao Yuan, Rui Yuan Wei
Abstract:This paper has a research on a novel integrated printing and drying machine. The machine is used to print the LOGO on the products. Two ways...
Authors: Wen Yue Zhang, Yan Jun Ge, Jun Yue Yang
Abstract:Aiming at the problems of complex circuit and parameter adjustment in traditional current type power amplifier of Magnetic Bearing (MB), a...
Authors: Chun Zhou
Abstract:The vibrational control theory stems from the well-known of stabilization of the upper unstable equilibrium position of the inverted pendulum...
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