Two-Dimensional Stability Analysis of Interrupted High-Speed Milling


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Significant research has been made regarding chatter stability of milling operations. This paper presents a 2 degree of freedom stability analysis model (2 DOF model) for interrupted cutting. The cutting process is divided into two parts namely “free vibration” and “forced vibration” considering the flexibility in x and y directions. Calculating the solutions of the two parts, a four-dimensional-single-variation discretization map is established and the eigenvalues of the Jacques Matrix are checked at the fixed point on the Floquet unit circle. The two Neimark-Sacker and flip bifurcations are evaluated. The research work shows that the up milling is more stable than the down milling under the same operating parameters. The comprison of the proposed 2 DOF model with Davies one degree of dimensional model (1 DOF Davieas model) has been made in the paper which shows that the area of stable region in the proposed model is greater than the stable region in the 1 DOF Davies model. In the last the results of the experiments support the proposed model has been verified by experimentation.



Edited by:

Long Chen, Yongkang Zhang, Aixing Feng, Zhenying Xu, Boquan Li and Han Shen






Z. X. Lin et al., "Two-Dimensional Stability Analysis of Interrupted High-Speed Milling", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 43, pp. 492-498, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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