Advance in Mechatronics Technology

Volume 43

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Lan Ge, Bing Zeng, Zhi Chao Chen, Duo Wei, Cai Jun Wang

Abstract: An Investigation on the Ni-P-SiCp Electroless Composite Plating of AZ91D magnesium alloy was investigated.The morphology and phase structrue...

Authors: Mao Zhong Ge, Jian Yun Xiang, Yong Kang Zhang

Abstract: In order to solve a baffling problem of kinematic chain isomorphism identification, proceeded from the isomorphism’s principles of graph...

Authors: Jing Fei Huang, Yan Nian Rui

Abstract: The oil seal of the high-speed non-woven loom needle spindle is a difficult problem, which has always been probed among the product...

Authors: Da Qing Li, Xiao Zhong Deng, Bing Yang Wei

Abstract: The tooth face width characteristics of offset face-gear drive are considered in this paper. Base on the generation process of offset...

Authors: Ze Guang Han, Rui Qin Hao, Xi Jian Zheng

Abstract: A large number of decisions are made during the stage of concept design which is characterized by a lack of complete information.While...

Authors: Yan Liu, Wen Liu, Bing Yang, Xiao Pai Zhang

Abstract: Double crank ring-plate-type cycloid reducer reserves the merits of the traditional cycloid drive, such as more meshing teeth, small angle...

Authors: Yan Peng, Mei Liu, Qing Jiu Huang, Jun Luo

Abstract: The modeling and sea trials of the Unmanned Trimaran Vehicles (UTSV) are presented in this paper. For control design, six DOF dynamic...

Authors: Kang Huang, Gen Qian, Qing Song Liang, Yu Feng Qu

Abstract: The structure of current micro-machined gyroscope result in detection error and processing difficulty, which can be reduced by redesigning...

Authors: Min Fei Liu, Zhi Liang Qian

Abstract: In view of the reverse design of planar cam mechanism, the measurements of cam contour are smoothed by the discrete energy law in order to...

Authors: Zhi Liang Qian, Yan Chen

Abstract: In view of the adjustment of tool post angle during hobbing modified spur gear, the basic worm helicoids of hob is generated according to...


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